Are Pug Dogs Good With Children?

pug pug with children pugs

No family is complete without a dog, but what do your children have to know to make sure that having a dog, a pug specifically, will be a successful venture? Children need to learn to make sure that your pug has food and fresh water every day, gets plenty of exercise, has regular times to go outside for potty breaks, needs to be treated well, and does not have access to anything he can chew up. This article will look at how children can learn to mix well with pugs.


Food and Water

Dogs need food and water, and once children know this they can help take care of the family dog. Teaching children that pugs need nutrition to grow up big and strong and stay that way is a good way to showing them the importance of what your dog eats. This talk can be referred to when telling children to eat their vegetables too.


Another factor in keeping your dog healthy is activity. Pugs need regular exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. The game of fetch is classic and an ideal way to get all kinds of little feet to keep moving. Explaining this to your children will further help to reveal to them all it takes to keep man's best friend in good shape.

Potty Breaks

This is a big responsibility for children and can be quite noticeable if someone lets it slide. Explaining to children the importance of this particular activity will help them to develop this sense of responsibility. A child will learn that some things have to be done and cannot be put off while picking up one more skill that will help them become more independent when taking care of your pug.

Play Time

You have to be very gentle with your pets because you may not know entirely how a dog will respond, especially a new one. You can talk to your kids about playing nice and then model this behavior for them. Children will naturally mimic how you treat your pug so they can learn the necessity of being kind and gentle from you.

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