How To Keep Your Pug Cool

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There are many steps that need to be taken to ensure pets are healthy, and this list changes from one pet to another. Pug dogs, for instance, have special needs during the warmer months of the year. During these periods with higher temperatures you need air conditioning, you need to get your air conditioner serviced so it does not stop working, and you need to know what to do in the event that your pug does become overheated. This article will take a look at all three.

Is it Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me?

Pug dogs cannot take the heat. It's a simple fact and one every new pug owner should be aware of. Pugs need to have the air conditioning on longer days because exposure to higher temperatures can make them sick or even cause their deaths. The shade of a tree is no guarantee of anything and unnecessary risk. They may not even head to the shade if they're getting too hot because they love the sun and often can't tell when it's getting to be too much for them.

Don't Wait To Make Repairs

For the reasons we just went over, you need to get your system checked out before the warmer months hit. Your air conditioning must be working at peak efficiency and keep working. If your air conditioning were to suddenly stop working even for a short period of time, this could be too much for your pug. Being inside without air conditioning doesn't cut it, so neither will an air conditioner that doesn't work. Make sure you get your air conditioning serviced, and you can put your mind at ease.

What If My Pug Gets Overheated?

The first thing you should remember is the difference between cool and cold. Cool is good in this situation while cold is too much. The latter can send your little friend into shock and possibly complicate the problem further. The basic procedure is to wet your pug down with cool, not cold, water and rush him off to the veterinarian to get checked out. It's a serious matter and requires serious attention. Even with supervision, you need to pay close attention to a pug when outside because shaded areas are no promise that the little guy is staying cool.

The health and happiness of your pug dog is tied into your own so you want to do all you can to ensure both. Pugs need special attention and planning when it comes to heat. We've seen they need air conditioning, upkeep of your air conditioning system, and fast action if they do become overheated. Following all these steps will help you keep man's best friend healthy year round.

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