How To Move With Your Pug

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Moving is a stressful venture for everyone, and this includes your pug dog. A new environment with new sights, smells, and terrain can be overwhelming. You need to be ready for the activities of moving day, the actual traveling, and helping your pug discover his new home. This article will focus on a few tips to help your pug dog adjust during this tumultuous time.

Moving Day

So you are getting ready to move. Even at this stage, keep your pug in mind. Shelter him as much as possible from moving day activities. There's no need to start the stress of moving day for him one second earlier than you absolutely have to. Odds are, you will be a little too occupied taking care of details to pay attention to him anyway. With all the chaos there's even a chance your pug could take off so confining him to a room somewhere with familiar toys is the perfect way to keep him at ease until it's actually time to move him.

Travel Time

The moving your pug part is all about past experience. You will know if your pug is used to car rides and can handle them or if he requires extra help. There are canine seat belts, a crate if your dog uses one, and plenty of fresh water is essential. If necessary, you can always talk to your veterinarian to get a prescription that will make things go more smoothly for you and your pet. This could be something to calm your pug for the ride or a little something to help with nausea. As always, your pet needs to have identification as well as a phone number that anyone who might find him will be able to reach you at. An old phone number just won't cut it if something happens.

Your New Home

The name of the game is gradual. There's no need to overwhelm your pug with the entire new place all at once. Close some doors and let your pug discover this new land bit by bit. Providing some familiar sights from the old place will serve to calm him and help him get his bearings more quickly. Once your pug has had some time to adjust then you can begin opening doors revealing all that there is to this new home. A walk around the block is always a good idea too.

Moving is stressful, and your pug will know this as much as anyone. You can help make your pug dog more comfortable by taking these simple steps on the day you move, on the ride over, and in your new home. By following these guidelines, your new house will be home in no time.

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