How To Travel With a Pug

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Vacation time raises questions for pug owners. Specifically, how do I travel with my pug in the car and still have pleasant driving experience? Some of the keys to making your trip with your pug a big hit are seatbelts, toys, water, frequent potty breaks, and possibly a crate if your pug is crate trained.

Should My Dog Wear A Seatbelt?

There are canine seat belts to help make your trip easier. They can help to keep your pug from roaming around the car and help to protect him in the case of an accident. They usually include a sort of harness and attach to a regular seatbelt. With you both securely fastened in your seats, it's almost time to go.

Toys To Pass The Time

This is an obvious one. Everyone likes to have something to do, especially on long car trips, and your pug is no exception. Bringing toys will help keep him occupied and more relaxed for the ride. A relaxed dog is a happy dog.


Pugs need to have access to water. Car rides can get hot in the summer, and they need the water even before the temperature starts to climb. This means that you need to bring an adequate supply of water in case your little friend gets thirsty, and there is no clean water to be found. This brings us to our next topic.

Potty Breaks

Pugs need potty breaks as much as you do. In addition, traveling can agitate your pug so he may need more frequent stops to relieve himself. It is important to plan your trip out with these regular stops so that you don't have any accidents that could leave a mark on your trip. Plus, all that water has to go somewhere.

A Crate

If your pug happens to be crate trained then you can just bring the crate. It has to fit into your car, of course, but if it does this can be quite helpful. It will offer a familiar environment to help keep him calm while confining him nicely during the trip. Once you get where you are going, he will still have that little piece of home. He knows as well as Toto does that there's no place like home.

Vacation time can make any pug owner a little nervous. If you have never traveled with your pug before then you need to plan ahead to make sure that he is as comfortable as possible so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation too. You need to make sure you use some method of restraint, bring his toys, pack plenty of freshwaters, be prepared for plentiful bathroom breaks, and a crate if your pug is crate trained. Follow these guidelines, and your trip will go much more smoothly.

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